Tag Spikeguard 4S2U


Product Features:

  1. Durable & Fire - Proof Case
  2. Power Indicator Light
  3. Individual Switch
  4. Dual USB
  5. Universal 5 Sockets


Compatible For All Home Electrical Appliances Such As Mobile Phone Chargers, Net book Computers, Digital Cameras, Games Consoles, Television, Hi-Fi System, Printer, Fax Machine, IT, PC and other Electronic Products


Rated Voltage : 100-250V AC 50/60Hz
Rated Current : 10A max
Power Indicator : Neon
Loading of Switch : 10A, 2500 watts max.
Cable Rating : 0.75mm2, Core PVC Cable


  • Always have earth connections for safety reason
  • Do not exceed the maximum loading of 2500 watts.
  • Use only in indoor and in dry surroundings.
  • Uncoil before use.
  • If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.
  • Check the output wattage before insertion / use.
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