Tag Spikeguard Premium

  • Individual Switch ON/OFF
  • Light Indicator
  • Pure Copper
  • Ideal for Home & Office use
  • For Electronic Equipment



No.1 Nickel-plated phosphor bronze insert set 50000 times not loose elastic strong High quality copper double copper connection type structural design, 0.3mm thick Above, the surface of fine nickel plated, anti-rust, hair Less heat conductive good, strong elasticity, long life, plug 50000 is not loose.
No. 2 High quality super thick copper wire Use high-quality three-core copper wire Conductive good time at full capacity use is not hot, Use more assured peace of mind.
No.3 High-performance engineering plastics Quality selection, selection of high-performance engineering plastics, High temperature, anti-aging, shock, current-carrying parts in case of 750 'C high temperature without burning, Eliminate fire hazards due to short circuit, heat, sparks and other conditions caused.
No.4 European standard double round plug By the national 3C certification, plug one injection moulding, After bending experiment 10,000 times stronger torsion deformation , Ensure 2500W rated power electrical normal use
No.5 Electric shock protection cover Prevent child finger or metallic conductive material into the power jack to avoid electric shock


Solder less one sibling core Internal use of national raw copper mould into the overall styling techniques, No solder connections, completely eliminate the abnormal heat, sealing off, short circuit occurs, 365 days at full capacity use is not hot.

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