TAG Wireless Speaker Glory

Features :
Bluetooth Version : 5.3
Bluetooth Distance : 10M
Output : 5W x 2
Passive Radiator : 1 pcs
Driver Size : 52MM
Speaker Impedance : 3Ω± 10%
Signal to Noise Ratio : ≥75dB
Frequency Response : 100hz - 20KHZ
Charging Port : TYPE-C
Battery Capacity : 1200mah
Charging Time : 3-4 hours
Play time (at 50% vol.) : 2.5 to 3.5 hours
Material : ABS + Metal Mesh
FM Frequency Range : 87.5 - 108Hz

"M" : Modes: Bluetooth, FM, USB, TF, And AUX.
"+" : Volume up/next track
"-" : Volume down/previous track
"▶" : Play/pause, answer/hang up call, TWS
"✸”: Change RGB light mode.

1. Bluetooth connection: When turning on the Bluetooth speaker, it will be in Bluetooth mode at first. Opening your Bluetooth device and searching for pairing name to connect. Once this speaker is paired to your device, it will connect to your device automatically next time if you do not delete the Bluetooth memory on your device"
2. Music Play: Insert USB drive or micro SD card with MP3 files to enjoy music. Using the 3.5mm audio cable to connect your phone with the speaker to play music. Short press "+" to play the next song. Short press "-" to play the previous song. Long press "+" to increase the volume. Long press "-" to reduce the volume
3. Radio Mode: Insert the charging cable into the slot to act as an external antenna to enhance the signal. Press the "M" button to enter the FM mode. Long press the "▶" button to search channels automatically. After the searching is completed, press +/- to switch the radio.
4. TWS function: Turn on two speakers at the same time. When they are in Bluetooth mode, long press any speakers "▶II" button. You will hear a voice. Wait for the speakers to connect. Final connect with your Bluetooth device.
5. RGB light: This speaker has different light mode, Long press "M" button to change the light mode. The lights turn off when the M key is pressed for the seventh time.
6. Charging: Type-C charging cable. When speaker charging, the red light on, Lights will be off when it's fully charged. Repeat charging and discharging will lead to the decline of battery life, which is a normal phenomenon for all possible rechargeable batteries."
7. Calling: Click the "▶II" button to answer/hang up the phone call. Long press the "▶II" button to reject the phone call.

1. Use the product for its intended purpose only.
2. Please store and use this product at room temperature.
3. Do not expose this product to rain or wet conditions.
4. Do not drop, to avoid the fall of the product damage.
5. Do not disassemble and repair the product by yourself.
6. The product built-in lithium battery, do not casually discard or put in the fire, so as not to cause danger!