TAG Wireless Speaker RAY 5W

Product Specification :
Output power : 5W
Range : 10m
Speaker Driver : 52mm
Audio Modes : Bluetooth, Micro SD, FM & USB
Play Time : up to 3hrs.
Charging Time : 3-4 hour
Charging : DC 5V
Battery Built-in : 1200mAh
Speaker Size : 145x39x80mm

Product Feature :
Bluetooth music playback
Hands Free call
Support TF card
USB flash disk slot.
FM radio.
RGB light with Diaphragm

Operation Instruction :
1. Stir the “ON/OFF” key.
2. Bluetooth link: When in Bluetooth mode, please use mobile or other device to search the Bluetooth Name, then link it. If need the key pair, please insert0000, when successfully link it, will into Bluetooth mode. After successful linking the Bluetooth, next time you want to link the Bluetooth, mobile phone will link to it automatically.
3. BT call: When someone call you, you can short touch to answer the phone, long tough Refuse the answer the phone, if you want to finish talking, please short tough
4. Lighting mode, there are 6 different lighting modes.
5. TF Card: Input the TF Card, then will into TF Card model.
6. Charging: Insert USB cable to get charging, Red light indicates charging.
7. USB dish: Input the USB driver, then will into USB model.

Common problems and solving methods :
1. After playing for a long time, the device will often turn off in auto. The battery is insufficient, please charge it to full power and them turn on.
2. The device does not work very well whether beyond the effective distance of Bluetooth connection, or some barriers on there.
3. Cannot connect the Bluetooth Is the Bluetooth in search-able mode or not, or reboot the speaker. There are too many Bluetooth devices around you, try to turn off them.

Attention :
1. Use this product under normal temperature environment.
2. Do not play in the wet environment
3. Avoid the damage of falling.
4. Do not dismantle or repair the speaker by yourself
5. Built-in battery, do not throw the speakers in the fire.