Product function:
• USB interface (USB 1.0 or 2.0) Plug and Play.
• Fully compatible with win9X/XP/2000/me system.
• Support Direct 7.0 above edition.
• Support Force feedback function of games.

Product Feature:
Support the plug and play.
Imitate the mode to convert with normal regulations mode arbitrarily.
12 function keys satisfy your game action.
The shape is special, feeling comfortable the shocking function is strong.
The reasonable human body construction design felling is more comfortable.
The rubberized and textured operation parts defend the sweat antiskid.
Inside attaches manual and disk.

• Avoid high temperature, aquosity and direct sunlight.
• Don't let liquid into the product.
• Don't pull the connection line hardly.
• Don't use the causticity liquid clear the product surface.
• Private to dismantle the product does not belong to protect fix the scope.
• Pay attention to the use method and avoid long time play.

System Requirements:
• Computer CPU P-166MHZ or above
• RAM32MB or above.
• USB interface.
• Windows 9X/2000/XP system.
• SVGA256 monitor or above.
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