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  • 1.Support PCI 32bit bus controller. PCI Specification Revision 2.1 compliant
  • 2. Completely independent two asynchronous serial interface is compatible with 16 c550, 16 c552, 16 c554, etc. .
  • 3.High speed to 115200bps
  • 4.DB9 serial port connector x 2, bulid-in16byte FIFO buffer
  • 5.Supports 5.6.7 or 8 data bits. And 1 or 2 stop bits
  • 6.Supports even, odd. None. Mark and space parity
  • 7. Supports full-duplex and half duplex serial port communication
  • 8.The built-in SIR infrared codec, support 2400bps to 115200bps baud rate IrDA infrared communication.
  • 9.Supports SPP.Nibble.Byte.PS/2.EPP.ECP IEEE1284 Parallel or printer mode
  • 10.Support bidirectional data transmission. Support up to 2M bytes/sec transmission
  • 11. Driver supported MS Windows 98SE/ME / 2000/XP/NT4.0 Server 2003/XP 64-bit/Vista/Win7/Win8. Linux. DOS
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